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It's Italia - Peter Spitzer Jazz Duo


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Peter Spitzer Jazz Duo 


Peter Spitzer (tenor saxophone and clarinet) and Dan Neickarz (guitar) are Bay Area jazz veterans who have played together as a duo for several years. Peter's musical background includes over 30 years with various Bay Area Brazilian bands, as well as countless jazz combo and big band gigs, in a myriad of venues. Dan has played at the San Jose Jazz Festival; for five years at Garden City in San Jose, with house guitar trio Strings Attached; and for Princess Cruises.

At It's Italia, Peter and Dan will be presenting an improvisational take on the 'Great Brazilian Songbook' of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Roberto Menescal, Chico Buarque, and Ary Barroso - bossa nova, samba, and choro, as well as some blues, straight-ahead jazz, and originals.