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Mark Kostrzewa - From Ear to There - CD Release Party


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From Ear to There - CD Release Party 


Mark Kostrzewa is a "finger-style" acoustic guitar instrumenttalist hailing out of Montara, Ca. His first album "55 Miles" came out spring of 2009 and his most recent album "From Ear to There" (Recorded in Nashville, TN) was just released in January 2013. All original compositions on both albums ranging from latin influenced on nylon string guitar to 6 and 12-string slide guitar compositions. Progressive, thought provoking , introspective and coastal-inspired compositions from this coastside guitarist.

"Offering double-stops, string bending, Rio articulation, beautiful chord passages, washboard popping and a nice way of phrasing to let the cool air in - Mark Kostrzewa is having a string conversation and its magic."
Jean Bartlett
Managing Editor, Jean's Magazines
Music Reviewer, Pacifica Tribune